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This Is How We Create Synergy Together and Keep It Going

A dialogue with Persistence : Collaboration, growth and building the future

Why Persistence Chose to Work with DSRV

💡 For further details,DSRV provides pioneering services and infrastructures including—
➣ sentry configuration that protects important servers
➣ network security firewall
➣ secure key management
➣ real-time monitoring

Why DSRV Chose to Validate on the Persistence Chain

🔎 Applications :The Persistence SDK facilitates accessibility, liquidity, and sustainability for developers to build innovative use-cases, hence triggering mass-adoption of the blockchain technology.

🚀 P E R S I S T E N C E


💡 Check out Persistence ecosystem’s next-gen financial dApps now live and launching in the near future

🖋 Products to Highlight




Asset Mantle


🖋 Community Presence to Highlight



XPRT Token Overview and Staking Benefits

🚀 XPRT token

the Work Token

📌  Key takeawaysIncreased activity on these dApps (or pApps) leads to more rewards in the form of 1) staking rewards for stakers and 2) additional incentives for validators.

the Staking Token on the Persistence Main-Chain

📌  Key takeawaysStaking• Rewards : Up to 35%• Secure the Persistence network

Governance of Persistence Chain

📌  Key takeawaysGovernance• Pay for fees as incentives to secure the Persistence network through staking• Weightage of vote for governance proposals

🚀 Token Distribution

XPRT Token Distribution (source)

🚀 Token Release Schedule

XPRT Token Release Schedule: (source)

🚀 Staking Benefits

💡 If you want to know more about staking XPRT, 
click here to read the tutorial presented by DSRV.

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