Overview about DSRV

Hello World, We are DSRV!

ello world! Introducing a new blog from Team DSRV 🤓 We hope to use this space to bring you timely and useful information to help you learn, embrace and support the vision of blockchain ecosystem from the perspective and experience of DSRV.

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DSRV is a leading blockchain infrastructure provider based in Seoul, South Korea, dedicated to bringing distributed technology to millions of people worldwide through proof-of-stake.

Our mission is to empower the crypto ecosystem by offering reliable and secure infrastructure for more than 20+ top blockchain networks.

In addition, we strive to provide the best value for the networks with proof-of-contribution, which is our guiding principle to go the extra mile to provide solutions vital to the network.

As not only experienced engineers and technologists but also a trusted partner of global clients, we service our customers with technical expertise and comprehensive support that exceeds expectations.

Learn more about us and build blockchain infrastructure at your service 💪 https://www.dsrvlabs.com/.

DSRV is a South Korea based validator and data infrastructure provider for blockchain networks.